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Mike Abel

I'm A Master At Helping You Remove Your 'I Don't Knows'

  I  also support you in your exploration and discovery of how to create more of what you actually desire in your life and  

get what you really want.


In the Beginning

I created AbelCoaches nearly twenty years ago. In 1999, I was taking communication and listening courses. As part of the curriculum, I was required to coach other participants and allow them to coach me. I realized that I really enjoyed coaching. I could see that people thrived in more productive and transformational ways when they were open to being coached. I also received some great feedback from other coaches and friends that I was a 'natural' at life coaching.


The Bittersweet Smell of Success

One thing that kept nagging at me for decades was my level of 'success'. Like many people, I was raised by parents who expected me to follow a traditional career path so they would feel safe. And although I rejected their plan, I still felt that I didn't live up to the ideal of success that I'd been taught to believe. So, I began redefining what success meant to me and focusing on what I really wanted instead of what I was taught to want or believed I couldn't have.  I left the big city, moved to an island and surrounded myself with nature, friends, loved ones  and dogs. 


The Lies We Tell Ourselves

What I consistently observe when I'm coaching is that my clients begin to determine what they really want to create in their lives. They uncover and  start changing any ingrained beliefs they have developed that hold them back. Letting go of beliefs that aren't true and practicing new thought habits enables people to create completely different futures and more satisfying experiences of success. 

And One More Thing

As you may know, research has shown that the biggest regret that people have on their deathbed is that they lived the life expected of them instead of a life that was true to themselves. I didn't want to end up in that scenario and if you're reading this, then you likely don't want to either.

My Coaching Story



• Greater happiness

• Creating what you really want in your life
• A new, more enjoyable experience of success
• A greater appreciation of everything
• Achieving goals more easily
• Creating more fun in your life
• A clearer vision of your future
• More prosperity
• Increased self-awareness
• A deeper sense of well being
• Better communication with others
• More intimacy with loved ones
• Creating more effective personal boundaries
• Resolving seemingly difficult situations
• Motivation to take inspired action
• A focused sense of purpose
• Reinventing your personal values
• A better understanding of 'expectation'
• Higher emotional intelligence
• Dealing more effectively with illness
• A stronger commitment to your health
• Learning to create the world you want
• Eager expectation for what you desire

Toy Plane
What's Possible
Why I Coach


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Coaching people is something that comes naturally to me. You could say that it has become part of my purpose on this earth. 

I am fortunate in that I am able to have extremely meaningful, productive, and intimate conversations with my clients and these interactions invariably lead people to create lives for themselves that are more creative, exciting and fulfilling. Witnessing a client's transformation also affords me a

great sense of satisfaction and the experience of being of service to others by

helping my clients lead happier lives.

"An ordinary life serving others will leave an extraordinary impact on people's lives"

My Clients


Who Are My Clents 2_edited_edited.jpg

My clients are often already quite accomplished in many areas of their lives.  They may have experienced 

success in various careers, created financial abundance, reasonably good relationships, and healthy families.

They have done their best with what they have learnt and the beliefs they have developed.

But they all tend to have a nagging sense of frustration or dissatisfaction with what they have been able to create so far and an intuitive feeling that they could, given better tools, experience more fulfilling lives.


Simple Tools

What Do I Do?

Keeping it Simple

One on One personal coaching to help you move through and beyond any barriers you find are preventing you from

achieving what you really want.

I am particularly adept at helping clients overcome seemingly insurmountable problems.


How Do I Do It?

Tools, tools, tools!

I offer you a variety of excellent tools that can be easily used to create the life you want with greater ease and enjoyment. Together, we also explore and dispel any limiting thoughts, beliefs, and expectations that may be impeding your progress.



How It Works
Desk Work 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The 10-week program can be tailored to suit your needs. Some clients prefer to be coached for 3 weeks and then take the 4th week to work on their own before meeting with me again. Completing the program within 10-14 weeks is ideal. 

Coaching sessions take place via Zoom at a scheduled time. I also provide what has come to be known as

Mike 911.

If you run into any 'roadblocks' and need to connect with me before our next session, you can contact me and I will respond within 24 hours at no extra charge. 

I am able to coach anyone regarding any issue.


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You will get great value when you choose to be coached by my colleague, Mike Abel.

You can count on Mike to provide you with the insight, tools, and support you need to move through and learn from your issues. Mike’s guidance is always tailored to your personal aspirations and bolstered with suggestions that apply to you in both your professional and personal goals.

With Mike Abel's coaching, you will learn how to communicate more effectively

so you can build trusting relationships - at work and at home.
You will increase your influence in working with others for more satisfying, productive experiences.
You will add to your toolbox of insights and behaviors needed to navigate the “slings and arrows” of today’s turbulent world.

Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC. EVP

Vancouver, British Columbia.



As a family doctor, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practitioner, and yoga teacher, I highly recommend Mike as a life coach. His excellent listening skills, finely tuned intuition, compassion and sense of humor will open you to transformative life changes.

Dr. Susan Benzer,

Rossland, British Columbia.



Mike listens differently than anyone I've ever met. I felt like I'd actually been heard for the first time in years. It inspired me and made me want to incorporate that kind of listening in to my life and business. His coaching

methods are extremely useful.

Andrew Tathun, Los Angeles, California.


Mike tracks meaningful details, listens carefully, reframes things in a powerful way and meets clients where they are. This, combined with the structure and length of his coaching program, is the perfect combination for success.

Mafalda Arias

Mafalda Arias & Associates, Vancouver, British Columbia.


If you are looking for a Life Coach who listens and hears, then suggests ideas for your consideration; who supports you in your growth while allowing you to attract your Life's desires; who makes the process fun and alive while uncovering a profound nugget of clarity in each session; whose support continues between sessions, allowing you more confidence in creating the Life you want ...then Mike Abel is the Coach for you!

Carol Sweeney, Toronto, Ontario.

I love working with Mike. He's a great coach. Mike has a vast repertoire of coaching techniques. My favourite part of Mike's coaching is his educated sense of humour which he has used to move me beyond long-standing barriers.

Nancy Zuro, Ottawa, Ontario.

Mike runs with a perfect balance between the technical and practical aspects of interfacing effectively with the world. On either a professional or personal level, Mike is always sensitive to the individual's interior, more intimate landscape and

their unique desires and needs.

John Turner - Artistic Director

Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation & Performance, Ontario.


Mike Abel is a deep listener. I experienced a level of listening I hadn't before. Mike listens with his whole body, his intuition, his experience and a very keen intelligence (and wit). So, in turn I felt that I really should return the favour and listen deeply to myself. The work I did with Mike over several months set me on a path to take concrete action on things I deeply valued which meant closing the door on certain belief systems. Within a year, several important opportunities arose based on this action. Any errors or departures from that path since are all my responsibility. Indeed, I might be due for a tune-up.
Sophie Anne Edwards,
Writer & Artist, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

I have trained many coaches over the years. Mike stands out as one of the best. I encourage you to get some coaching as soon as possible before annoyances become painful breakdowns.

Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC. EVP, People Analytics & Talent Activation

Author: Leadership for Einsteins: How to Bring Out the Genius in People &

Account-Ability: The Science of Human Performance


Why I'm A Life Coach 2.jpg


Sauder School of Business,

University of British Columbia:

Leadership for Einsteins


Landmark Worldwide:

Team Management

& Leadership


Quantum Success

Coaching Academy



Toronto Metropolitan University

Bachelor of Applied Arts


Session Excerpts
AbelCoachesSample Session 1
AbelCoachesSample Session 2





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