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Mike Abel

My Mission

  To support you in your exploration and discovery of how to create more of what you actually desire in your life and  

get what you really want.


In the Beginning

I created AbelCoaches nearly twenty years ago. In 1999, I was taking communication and listening courses. As part of the curriculum, I was required to coach other participants and allow them to coach me. I realized that I really enjoyed coaching. I could see that people thrived in more productive and transformational ways when they were open to being coached. I also received some great feedback from other coaches and friends that I was a 'natural' at life coaching.


The Bittersweet Smell of Success

One thing that kept nagging at me for decades was my level of 'success'. Like many people, I was raised by parents who expected me to follow a traditional career path so they would feel safe. And although I rejected their plan, I still felt that I didn't live up to the ideal of success that I'd been taught to believe. So, I began redefining what success meant to me and focusing on what I really wanted instead of what I was taught to want or believed I couldn't have.  I left the big city, moved to an island and surrounded myself with nature, friends, loved ones  and dogs. 


The Lies We Tell Ourselves

What I consistently observe when I'm coaching is that my clients begin to determine what they really want to create in their lives. They uncover and  start changing any ingrained beliefs they have developed that hold them back. Letting go of beliefs that aren't true and practicing new thought habits enables people to create completely different futures and more satisfying experiences of success. 

And One More Thing

As you may know, research has shown that the biggest regret that people have on their deathbed is that they lived the life expected of them instead of a life that was true to themselves. I didn't want to end up in that scenario and if you're reading this, then you likely don't want to either.

My Coaching Story



• Greater happiness

• Creating what you really want in your life
• A new, more enjoyable experience of success
• A greater appreciation of everything
• Achieving goals more easily
• Creating more fun in your life
• A clearer vision of your future
• More prosperity
• Increased self-awareness
• A deeper sense of well being
• Better communication with others
• More intimacy with loved ones
• Creating more effective personal boundaries
• Resolving seemingly difficult situations
• Motivation to take inspired action
• A focused sense of purpose
• Reinventing your personal values
• A better understanding of 'expectation'
• Higher emotional intelligence
• Dealing more effectively with illness
• A stronger commitment to your health
• Learning to create the world you want
• Eager expectation for what you desire

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What's Possible
Why I Coach


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Coaching people is something that comes naturally to me. You could say that it has become part of my purpose on this earth.