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Make Change Stick

Personalized behaviour coaching to create lasting change..

Don't just imagine a life you love - live it!

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Mike Abel

Perceptive, Personable & Empathetic.  

Invest your time in a 30-minute complimentary introduction call

to explore your interests and challenges.


I will share some of my life

experiences and reveal how I believe my life learnings and unique perspective will contribute to unlocking your current situation. 


Every coaching session is tailored

specifically to your needs. 

Achieve your goals
Shift your mindset
Change ineffective behaviours
Create sustainable habits


"You will get great value when you choose to

be coached by my colleague, Mike Abel.

Of the many coaches I've trained, Mike is one of the best. With Mike's coaching, you will learn how to communicate more effectively so you can build trusting relationships at work

and at home."

     Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC. EVP

Vancouver, British Columbia

"As a family doctor, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practitioner, and yoga teacher, I highly recommend Mike as a life coach. His excellent listening skills, finely tuned intuition, compassion, and sense of humor will open you to transformative life changes."

Dr. Susan Benzer,

Rossland, British Columbia.

"Mike Abel is a deep listener. I experienced a level of listening I hadn't before. Mike listens with his whole body, his intuition, his experience, and a very keen intelligence (and wit)."
Sophie Anne Edwards,
Manitoulin Island, Ontario.
"I love working with Mike. He's a great coach. Mike has a vast repertoire of coaching techniques. My favourite part of Mike's coaching is his educated sense of humour."
Nancy Zuro, 
Ottawa, Ontario.
"Mike listens differently than anyone I've ever met. I felt like I'd actually been heard for the first time in years. It inspired me and made me want to incorporate that kind of listening into my life and business."
Andrew Tathun, 
Los Angeles, California.

"Did I have success with Mike’s coaching?

Unequivocally yes. I can see the wonderful things in my life to a much better degree.

 I can adjust more effectively to life’s challenges or crises. I am much happier and satisfied at work. And I am a happier person who is enjoying life much more than

prior to working with Mike".

Scott Elsey,

Toronto, Ontario

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My Coaching
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My Coaching

My coaching expertise has been

developed over the past 40 years. 

The one thing that stands out the most

 is people's continuous struggle to alter their behaviour and make change stick. To make it last and solidify changes in such a way that it is difficult to go

back to the 'old ways'. 


Temporary change can be quite easy sometimes. People often change in an instant if they have to. But intentionally creating permanent change is usually more challenging and this is why I've spent my coaching career helping my

clients achieve lasting change.


Make Change Stick

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